Truck Flow

Continuous improvement of productivity

TruckFLOW manages the entire distribution process,from choosing the best truck for each dispatch to delivering it on time.

TruckFLOW assigns orders to trucks in order to take advantage of their load capacity, and manages routes efficiently.

TruckFLOW allows you to choose the order of the trucks that will enter to the plant, in order to avoid delays

The driver receives an Anti-Explosive iPad upon entering the plant, which will give directions. This will avoid unnecessary maneuvering of trucks.

Our Led Radar helps the driver position the truck correctly, preventing this function from being performed by an operator.

TruckFLOW is integrated into the loading computer in order to inform the volume to be loaded and record the loaded volume.

TruckFLOW compares the variation in the weight of the truck with the loaded volume. If there is a difference it generates an audit request.

TruckFLOW keeps the customer informed about the loading process, and the estimated time of arrival.Any delay will be informed.

TruckFLOW gives Operations complete control of the process, and communication with each driver and customer, with tools for a more uid management.

truck flow