Spill Guard

The IIOT solution for overfill prevention

spill guard

Determine alarm points

API 2350 notes that it is vital that the levels of concern of each tank are properly set. In case a change of
alarm points is needed, just request a new calibrated cable and replace it on the tank without removing your

Proof test

API 2350 recommends regular testing of the entire system. TSM Sensor performs a test automatically
during each fill.

Presence during receipt of product

In case your operation manual requires reception supervision, the operator must push the presence button of the TSM Tower.

Response Time Audit

API 2350 sets maximum response times to stop the filling of the tank after reaching the high-high level.TSM Sensor records the elapsed time and reports it as another of its audit mechanisms.

Keep the system running for 30 years

TSM Sensors are built in AISI 316 steel and are tested one by one, simulating years of use in a temperature range of -40 to 70 °C. In the case a replacement is needed, you can simply unscrew the body and place a new one, without removing the equipment from the tank.

Redundant Architecture

To optimize the laying of cables we suggest to group tanks to a TSM Tower, communicating the towers by optical fiber. We offer wireless communication redundancy and solar panels in each tower.

Total control

The alarm panel offers visual control of all equipment and a productive control based on the IoT technology, which allows the denition of preventive maintenance programs when it detects lack of consistency in the data.