Oil & Gas

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

In recent years, the slow-to-adapt oil & gas sector has seen a push to embrace emerging technologies, including AI, augmented reality, and IoT. Brimming with data points, 90% of all data accumulated still fail to influence the decision-making process due to the cost and difficulty of properly implementing a strategy in the sector’s asset-heavy environments. Hands-free IoT Data Visualization provides operators the real-time data they need when operating, inspecting or maintaining equipment.


In case of a pipeline failure, for example, natural gas companies must contact the site maintenance unit to respond immediately. Failure to solve the issue quickly will have a heavy impact on daily work and have potential security risks.


Through hands-free audio and video, the dispatching center can access real-time information for scientific decision-making and guide the technicians through emergency repairs accordingly. RealWear has seen on average a 29% reduction of downtime after implementation of HMTs.


Companies along the value chain are required to take ownership of their upstream suppliers, and any extraction sites they build and operate on. Failure to do so may lead to strong penalties or closure. Engineers must also inspect quality of completed work by subcontractors.


Technicians can capture photos and videos as work is done, review, archive them at shift change. They can also troubleshoot work issues and remotely perform live inspection via 2-way video as supervisors watch on a laptop.


Equipment on offshore drilling vessels requires expert support. With skilled workforce retiring in the next five years, the number of technicians to travel offshore will be reduced, further increasing safety risks associated with time lag in communication with shore-based support staff.

Remote video enables small groups of centralized senior SMEs to mentor junior field technicians. With the intrinsically safe hands-free HMT-1Z1, inexperienced techs can perform quickly and safely. Skilled workers can also capture content for future training and reference.

RealWear’s knowledge transfer and productivity platform captures existing methods and procedures in a video format, improving productivity by up to 43% depending on task complexity.

Hands-Free Computing Key Benefits

• Workaround to travel restrictions

• Business or government continuity

• Keep distance from infected area

• Use both hands

• Maintain situational awareness

• IP66 rated /Drop proof /Dust Proof

• Explosion Proof (intrinsically safe model only)

• 8-10 hour battery life (hot swappable)

• Install virtually any Android application

• Large ecosystem of remote mentor applications