The easiest way to get metrics for your business

IoT Integration

All the information generated in the terminal can be analyzed. With iotBOARD the information of each device can be used to learn and predict


In addition to the equipment, there is a lot of information inside different systems, both internal and external. From SAP to the weather forecast, everything can be interconnected in iotBOARD to see the whole picture.


With the 52 most important certications of cybersecurity, iotBOARD offers the peace of mind of applying the highest levels of protection to your data.


The iotBOARD data center is elastic and grows according to your needs. It has 99.9% availability, high performance and 24×7 operation, and features separate development, test and production environments for change control.

Operations Monitor

IotBOARD analyzes all the information and generates an alert for data out of range. Alerts can involve several people, if one person does not respond within the allotted period, it changes to red. Many red alerts point to bottlenecks to be solved.

Automate Processes

In order to prevents problems on time it is important to respond in a timely manner. With its early warning alerts, iotBOARD allows you to launch a series of simultaneous preventive actions on time.

Business Intelligence

In your iotBOARD panel you can control one or several plants. Automatic updates on all the performance indicators you need, without waiting.